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An aspiring journalist falls for the receptionist whilst undercover at a gossip website. When she becomes the target of a salacious front page exposé by his uber bitch editor, he sacrifices his career, brings down the tabloid, and organises a marathon for emphysema sufferers all in his riotous attempts to win her back.

The Naked Truth is a modern, edgy comedy with a massive feel good factor and international appeal. The story is set in the two opposing worlds of a traditional tabloid newspaper, and a modern, hipster gossip website.

The overall theme of The Naked Truth is that nothing is real. In the contemporary gossip media we are either being duped by publicists who plant invented stories to keep their clients in the public eye, or damage limitation where they try to keep them out. If you are not featured you don’t exist.

This is the comedy universe our characters inhabit and for those who manipulate it successfully like Daniele, our street smart glamour girl, the rewards are plentiful. In contrast there is a darker side, where victims like Whitney become the object of a feeding frenzy and lives are sensationally destroyed. Liam, our crusading journalist hero, is a fish out of water in this shark pool but has no choice as he can’t catch a break. By meeting Whitney and taking on her dad’s fight he is able to live the story, find his voice, and justice is finally served through the course of true love