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Struggling with memory loss after being carjacked and accused of manslaughter, a Boston executive receives disturbing flashbacks from her childhood. Returning to her hometown to confront her past, she comes up against the local cop, intent on framing her as a cold hearted killer.


Guilty is a psychological thriller featuring a strong female lead searching for the truth. Therapy for memory loss triggers dramatic flashbacks from her past, which form a visual spine, gradually revealing the shocking truth of a deeply buried childhood trauma. Mia is a thoroughly modern heroine, a complex woman who may be a victim or even a killer. When the truth is finally revealed, Mia confronts her twisted guardian angel to put the past to rest.

As a neo noir thriller, Guilty explores themes of guilt, revenge, denial, cover ups and family secrets, with a nod to the classic noir films of the past and recent examples such as Gone Girl, Fargo, The Last Seduction and Girl on a Train.