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Da Vinci


Leonardo da Vinci’s uncle is devastated when the powerful Medici family kidnap his young protégé in order to groom him for artistic success. Driven by revenge, he embarks on an ambitious strategy to create a clone who will surpass even Leonardo’s genius. Against a medieval tapestry of deception, intrigue and bloody power struggles, his actions causes a series of unforeseen events resulting in devastating tragedy amidst the fall of an empire.

Based on a true story in Renaissance Italy the Da Vinci family has many skeletons in the cupboard. Of course the most famous is Leonardo known for his innate genius but was he all we are led to believe. Brought up by his uncle who was an early believer in science and the power of nature they were ripped apart when the Medici took him for their own selfish purposes. Leonardo then went to Rome to work for the Spanish pope and his uncle kept his place within the Medici hierarchy, plotting his revenge. Then there was a brother and his story has never been put under the spotlight until now….